Name Pall Corporation
Stand number C324

Pall Corporation has been a pioneer in solving difficult filtration challenges faced by manufacturers and processors of high-performance fibers, films, and resins. Our team has been providing cutting-edge, process-enabling solutions for the polymers industry for over 50 years. Through innovation and experience, we have evolved into the largest and most diverse filtration, separation and purification company in the world. Our industry recognized porous metal technology has further enhanced the wide range of solutions we can offer our customers.

Our products enable polymer producers to achieve highest quality end product by capturing and removing both hard and soft (gel) contamination common to such processes. Our patented filter elements with unique filtration medium and construction enable long on-stream life at lowest possible operating pressure drop.

Our polymer element and system design technology along with sintered metal fiber, sintered powder and wire-mesh type filter media deliver the broadest array of solutions suitable for all polymer producers and processors.

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