Name Chris DeArmitt
Organisation Phantom Plastics
Position President

Short Biography

Chris DeArmitt PhD FRSC

President – Phantom Plastics LLC

Chris is considered one of the top plastic materials experts and problem solvers in the

World, which is why companies like HP, Apple, Exxon, P&G, Eaton, Total and Disney

come to him for help.

A deep understanding of materials, combined with high creativity, allow him to quickly

solve even the toughest challenges. As one example, he solved a serious production

issue that had plagued BASF for 30 years and cost them millions. Chris has also received

6 open innovation cash prizes placing him among the top 0.01% of innovators.

In 2016 he published the book Innovation Abyss which reveals the true reasons for

innovation failure and the proven path to success. In 2018 he was featured on CBS 60

Minutes with Scott Pelley as an expert witness in a class-action lawsuit related to Marlex

mesh plastic implants. He helped thousands of women get settlements.

Chris has a multitude of granted patents as well as numerous articles, book chapters,

encyclopedia chapters and conference presentations to his name. He is a keynote

speaker on plastics and innovation related topics.

If you need a breakthrough solution, some training, or want to know how to make

innovation work, contact Chris today!

Dr. Chris DeArmitt

President – Phantom Plastics LLC

Cincinnati Ohio, USA

[email protected]