Name Don Meyers
Organisation Tech-Bond Solutions
Position CEO

Throughout his lengthy career, Mr. Meyers established an unrivaled reputation as a problem solve. Toward the end of his career found himself in the adhesive industry where there was one unsolvable issue. How to bond polymers.

There were a number of creative patchwork-type actions developed, but no real solutions. Polymers and poly-plastics are the building blocks in the modern world. A solution was needed. Every day, the need for a solution to this issue is increasing.

Making the polymer issue a priority, gaining experience over fifteen years in the industry, being persistent and, frankly, having a little bit of luck generated a breakthrough.  A breakthrough that bonds, not glue, bonds all polymers – to themselves, to other poly’s and to any other substrate. Mr. Meyers knew that the breakthrough was important and has spent the last two and a half years trying to get the message out.

With the Bonding Poly Process (patent pending), ALL polymers can be bonded with the Process. Bonds are stronger, have a greater heat resistance and more durable than glue joins. Everyone throughout the plastics industry needs to be familiar with the Bonding Poly Process.