Name Gianmarco Palladino
Organisation Bausano
Position Sales and Technical Manager

In spite of his young age, Gianmarco has more than 5 years’ experience working around the globe (London, Melbourne, Cleveland and Las Palmas) as a sales expert.

He begun his career in the plastic industry working for Top Machine, a Spanish company brokering second hand plastics machinery where he became an expert in extruder and injection machine works.  He then moved to 01 Machinery, an Italian company specializing in the selling of used industrial machinery, where he was Head of the Extrusion department.

Gianmarco joined Bausano a year ago and having taken some PVC courses and spent a lot of time in the laboratory with our engineer; his curiosity and his passion about plastic has made him an expert in the world of PVC.  His current role is as Sales and Technical Manager for the plastic extrusion process.