Name John Cook
Organisation Atlantic Packaging
Position Technical Director

After obtaining a BS in Chemistry from Marshall University in 1970, John began his career in the Petrochemicals industry, spending nearly 20 years between Dow Chemical and Mobil Chemical companies. He played a leading role in the development of Dowlex LLDPE resins for film and molding applications for companies like Mobil Plastics Division, Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Little Tykes, and Tupperware. Later he led teams which developed HIC and large part blow molding resins utilizing the Unipol process at Mobil, along with extrusion grades for blown and cast stretch film.

After a few years as a consultant with Phillip Townsend Associates in Houston, John moved into film extrusion with Linear Films and Huntsman Packaging (later known as Pliant), developing well known products such as ADU, LFOX, R122, and Stratos. Shortly after Berry Global acquired Pliant Corporation in 2010, John took early retirement, which lasted about a year. He then went to work for a long-time customer in stretch film, Atlantic Packaging, and has assisted in the creation of the industry’s leading palletized product transportation testing center in Charlotte.