Name Luke Venechuk
Organisation Highlight Industries
Position Senior Packaging Engineer

Luke Venechuk joined the packaging industry in 2011 after graduating from Michigan State University’s School of Packaging. Since then he has worked as a Packaging Engineer with Highlight Industries and focused on building industry knowledge and tools by collaborating with professionals and students across the United States and worldwide.  Luke has presented papers and spoken at AMI, ISTA, IOPP and other conferences worldwide.

Luke is the ASTM Vice-Chairman for subcommittee D10.25 on Palletizing and Unitizing of Loads, a member of IoPP’s Transport Packaging Committee, and a member of ISTA’s testing council.

Luke is currently the Senior Packaging Engineer at Highlight and responsible for the lab, and developing new film and load testing technology. Together with his team, he has tested thousands of films and loads to determine the best methods to maximize film performance and optimizing load containment.