Name Maurilio Millefanti
Organisation Macchi
Position Technical Sales Manager

Mr. Maurilio Millefanti began his adventure in the world of plastic in Italy in the early eighties, in the production of components for plastic machinery. This helped him to understand extrusion from the beginning to the end of the process.

Towards the end of the 1980s he moved from the production of parts to the position of service engineer for machines installation, testing and startup for a manufacturer of synthetic monofilament lines for PP, PET and Nylon. This position lead him to the United States where the production of synthetic fiber was a very prominent industry.

In early 2000, he took position in a company that produced winders for the textile industry in Switzerland as production manager from 2004.

Back in the United States in 2004, he was offer the position of Services Engineer for the installation of Macchi blown film lines in North America.

Since 2012 he has worked as Technical / Sales Manager for Macchi North American Plastic Machinery .