Name Paul Schmitt
Organisation Renewable Composite Technologies L.L.C
Position Founder

Paul has been involved in the field of recycled plastic composites for more than 25 years. He is an entrepreneur, inventor and developer of numerous breakthrough technologies. Primarily in composite formulations and extrusion processing techniques. He is currently completing an innovative technology “P.C.T.” Where recycled plastics composites meet or exceed in structural applications as a replacement to concrete in the Commercial and Residential building markets. He has founded companies such as P.E.C. Inc. Envirolastech Inc. and Schmitt & Associates a private consulting firm for the advancements in recycled plastics composite and extrusion processing. He has also been recognized through many coveted awards for the advancement in recycled plastic technology and sustainability such as the Minnesota Cup, Clean Tech Open and the R.A.V.E. awards. Paul also enjoys experimental aircraft, fly fishing and being an equestrian.