Name Ramon Parellada
Organisation Grupo Polytec
Position Director

Mr. Parellada is a businessman and director of several companies in flexible Packaging and blow molding manufacture, raw materials and plastics recycling.

He is a Chemical and Industrial Engineer (Universidad Rafael Landivar – Guatemala) and has a Masters in Business Administration (Universidad Francisco Marroquín – Guatemala).

He is a Teacher at the University Francisco Marroquin of different courses for graduate and undergraduate students in free-market economics, money and banking, Operations, People and Managerial Economics.  Treasurer and Trustee of Universidad Francisco Marroquín.   Director of “Exploraciones Sobre la Libertad” at UFM.  Director of CEES (Centro de Estudios Económico-Sociales). Director of RANA (Red de Amigos de La Naturaleza). Member of “Philadelphia Society” and the “Mont Pelerin Society”.  Member of the Guatemalan Chamber of Journalism.  In addition, he is a weekly columnist in the daily digital newspaper RepublicaGT.